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Still waters run deep is my second crime novel, an independent sequel for All the kings men. During the years I have collected small news from the news papers about young guys who are missing. My mind started to wonder: what if some of these dissappearings are not accidents or suicides? What if there is someone who is responsible for all these?

Lammassaari, a place called The Isle of Sheep, is one of my favourite spots in the whole world. Lammassaari is only 10 kilometers away from Helsinki city center. It is a perfect place for long walks and bird watching as there is thousands of migrating birds in the area every spring and autumn.

The Plot

Is evil lurking beneath the calm waters? Still waters run deep is an awaited sequel to the bestselling All the Kings Men!

Three young guys are making a documentary film about a mystical hermit, living in the Isle of Sheep in Helsinki. First one of them disappears, then another one. When the first one is found dead in the nearby nature reserve, the police becmes involved.


Saana Havas, recovering from burnout, hears that her colleague's younger brother has gone missing and decides to set up a true crime podcast to help with the search. Meanwhile, police commissioner Jan Leino and his team are investigating the disappearance and possible murder of the documentary makers.

When young men disappear and die, it's ofter regarded just an accident. But could it be that someone is actually hunting for them?

"Still water run deep" out in May 2021.


Buy the book here.

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