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I started to write my first crime novel 2012 when I heard an interesting story. I got a pair of old pearl earrings from my mother in law as a birthday gift and asked their origin. These are from my god father, my mother in law told. When I asked more about this god father I instantly new that I had found something worth investigating.


He lived in a mansion in Hartola, a small town that calls itself a Kingdom. In the end of 70´s he was invited to a dinner party but he never came. He was found dead in his mansion. The case is still unsolved. I visited Hartola and interviewed people who could remember something. Soon I fell in love with the Hartola atmosphere. Koskipää mansion with its darks waters. Silent Hartola that calls itself a Kingdom. In the end, cause I couldn´t solve the old case, I created a fiction story.

The Plot:

Saana has been fired from her job as a click-bait journalist, so she decides to spend a summer with her aunt in a small-town Hartola. It sounds like a perfect opportunity to take it easy and recover. But when Saana begins to dig into a case of a teenage girl who died 30 years earlier, the peace of the small town is shaken.

Meanwhile in Helsinki a fire-marked body is found at Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, and crime investigator Jan Leino and his team have a new case in their hands. However, the investigation isn’t going anywhere, and Jan fears that the murder at King’s Gate a is just the beginning…

Saana and Jan continue working on their own cases until their paths cross – for more than one reason.



Winner, Storytel Audio book Award 2020 for the Best Crime Novel

Winner, Elisa Kirja book Award, best new comer 2020

When the King Dies has been to-date sold in 11 territories and international TV series is in development.


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